See examples below for NYSEARCH commercial products with links to the respective commercial outlet (by clicking on the product name/link).


Inspection of Unpiggable Pipelines – Pipetel Technologies, Inc. EXP 6/8, EXP 10/14, EXP 20/26, Supporting Technologies

The Explorer range of products represents un-tethered, modular, remotely controlled and self-powered inspection robots that can operate in live pipelines and measure corrosion anomalies in sizes ranging from 6” – 8”, 10” – 14” and 20” – 26”. Other size ranges are also be available through the same commercializer. In addition, NYSEARCH members have developed supporting technologies that add to current sensing and other capabilities. Some of the supporting technologies that are now available include an in-line charging tool to extend range and mechanical damage/ovality sensor. The in-line charging tool allows for the recharging of the robots in-situ, without the need to remove them from the pipeline, thus offering significant improvements in operational efficiencies through increased range and reduction in launching and retrieval times. The optical mechanical damage and ovality sensor (MDS) add to the existing sensing capabilities of corrosion via Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) sensors, already integrated in the Explorer platforms. The MDS sensor is able to detect and size anomalies due to dents on a pipeline and also determine degree of ovality on a particular pipeline segment by quantifying the degree of deviation of the pipe’s circumference from a circular pattern. Optical in nature, the MDS offers the accuracy of conventional caliper type sensors without the added weight, size and complexity of such devices.

NYSEARCH RANGE™ Model for Gas Interchangeability Assessment of Residential Appliances

NYSEARCH RANGE™ is one of the deliverables of the NYSEARCH Gas Interchangeability for Appliances project which studied and modeled how changing gas composition can impact the performance of in-service residential appliances. This risk assessment model is available to purchase for on-line use. (Click here for more information about NYSEARCH RANGE™)

NYSEARCH/Kiefner Interacting Threats Project –

The objective of this project was to identify and quantify effects of interacting threats and to incorporate that methodology into risk assessment models. The NYSEARCH funders of this program already have access to revised relative Risk Assessment algorithms that include factors for Interacting threats. In 2014, NYSEARCH will be offering through its website, a non-funder commercial version of the same software. This software quantifies the effects of all identified interacting threats based on subject matter expert analysis of actual gas transmission incidents from the PHMSA and Kiefner forensic databases. The methodology and algorithms developed were incorporated into the Kiefner risk assessment model software. For those operators that do not utilize the Kiefner model , a stand-alone bulk import spreadsheet was also created that can be used in conjunction with any operator’s risk model.

PE Repair Sleeves - NUPI Americas and Mulcare Pipeline Solutions in the U.S. Northeast, Variable Length Repair Sleeve

These recently commercialized fittings allow a pipeline operator to repair a non-leaking in-service 4” or 6” polyethylene pipeline operating at any pressure up to 124 psig. Operators can now safely make a permanent electro-fusion repair on a PE pipeline without the additional time and expense of taking the line out of service or constructing a by-pass. The 4” and 6” Variable Length Repair Sleeves (VLRS) are electrofusion fittings made of high density polyethylene that can repair a PE pipe with any length gouge or scratch. Use of one or multiple sleeves provides a repair option to gas utilities that can be directly applied to the damaged section without interrupting gas flow.

PE Piping Standards – TEJ Group

The PE Piping Standards project had a phase of work that focused on UV outdoor storage. This work addressed the practical conditions of PE pipe being stored outdoors for prolonged periods of time. PE pipe manufacturer technical literature state that additive UV stabilizer provide protection for outdoor storage in direct sunlight. NYSEARCH performed testing to confirm UV protection of aged PE pipe samples obtained directly from gas utility outdoor pipe yards. The TEJ Group orchestrated the testing that concluded that aged PE pipe samples did possess adequate material integrity suitable for installation. The TEJ Group presented these results to ASTM D2513 for adaptation, now reflected in the latest 2013 revision. Most importantly to gas utility standards is the forthcoming revisions to PHMSA code Part192 to include the updated ASTM D2513 UV exposure outdoor storage conditions sometime in 2014. For recent regulatory information on PE storage, hold CTRL and click below for specific proposed rulemaking: Reference to PE storage can be found on page 3, column 3 of that document. ( )

Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD™) – Heath Consultants, Inc.

Commercialized in 2006 by Heath Consultants Inc., this tool was developed by NYSEARCH to improve the walking survey process. The RMLD™ has revolutionized walking leak surveys. Instead of walking the entire length of the service to check for leaks or gain access to locked buildings, the RMLD quickly detects leaks down to 5 ppm –m at distances at up to one hundred feet away.

Butt Fusion Repair Sleeve

This PE repair sleeve, in 4” or 6” sizes, can be applied to suspect butt-fused pipe joints and electrofused using standard electrofusion equipment. Like the VLRS, the BFRS material meets ASTM F 1055 and ISO testing requirements and is considered a full encirclement repair without interrupting gas flow.

Variable Geometry Crawler – ULC Robotics, Inc.

The Variable Geometry Crawler (VGC), with different models for small and large-sized pipe (20” and greater considered large) is a unique internal video inspection crawling system. It consists of platform crawler, launch tube system, remote control system/monitor and can be inserted through a 4” opening for the large crawler and 3” opening for the 12” and 18” small crawlers.

Casing Camera aka Annular Space Direct Inspection Robot – ULC Robotics, Inc.

The Casing Camera which is now equipped as a multi-functional annual space inspection robot uses a magnetic crawler and drives along casing to get direct visual, moisture, spot wall thickness and inclinometer measurements within the annual space. Its high resolution camera can detect anomalies on the external surface of the carrier pipe. The miniature robot must be inserted into the annular space after removal of the link seal.

Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model

The Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model is a quantitative risk model that analyzes the Probability of Failure and the Consequences of Failure for cased piping systems using corrosion theory that is specific to the annular space environment. This user-driven, flexible approach was developed by risk modeling expert, Kent Muhlbauer for NYSEARCH funders and critiqued and tested by member company Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This model is available through New Century Software’s Spatial Risk Analyst application.

Non-Interrupt Service Transfer Tee (NIST) – Perfection Corp

Non-interruptible PE Service transfer fittings were designed to easily and safely transfer 1” polyethylene gas service lines from an existing main intended for retirement to a new main without interrupting the flow of gas to customers. It is accomplished using a special PermaLock mechanical tapping fitting to complete the Non-Interrupt service transfer.

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