Butt Fusion Repair Sleeves and Variable Length Repair Sleeves

Commercial Butt Fusion Repair Sleeve

Commercial Variable Length Repair Sleeve

In 2020, adding to commercial products already developed through the NYSEARCH program, NUPI Americas commercialized another size in a series of approved permanent repair solutions for butt fused plastic pipe. These ASTM certified permanent repairs for suspect and non-leaking damages come in two configurations; butt fusion repair sleeves (BFRS) and variable length repair sleeves (VLRS) and they apply to both Medium Density (MDPE) and High Density (HDPE) plastic pipe. The 1 ¼” pipe sleeve (pipe diameter size) that was released in 2020, adds to other sizes that include 2”, 4” and 6” for both BFRS and VLRS. Following prior NYSEARCH-funded development and testing, NUPI has also commercialized the 8” and 12” sizes for the BFRS. Both the BFRS and VLRS are high-density fittings using PE4710 (PE100) material that can be applied for plastic pipes up to 124 psig and for up to 50% thru-wall damage without interrupting services or conducting bypass operations. The VLRS can permanently repair damage pipe with gouges and scratches that expand beyond the length of a single BFRS. ASTM considers the BFRS a full encirclement repair. Both repair methods follow electrofusion standards and techniques that are common practices of field installers. Shown are images of both types of commercial repair solutions.

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