Current RFPs

NYSEARCH periodically issues Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for projects collaboratively funded by NYSEARCH members and our partners. Please click on the RFP Title(s) / links below to view any current RFPs.


More About NYSEARCH: Since the early 2000s, NYSEARCH has served gas companies throughout North America. The name ‘NYSEARCH’ was originally conceived through a committee that started in New York State; where pioneering gas companies formed the RD & D committee of the New York Gas Group. Just before the New York Gas Group was merged with the Northeast Gas Association (NYSEARCH’s parent company), NYSEARCH expanded its borders to the N. American region and some of its first non-NY members were large companies from California and other regions outside of the Northeast.

NYSEARCH members represent primarily gas distribution companies from around North America. There are also members who are either straight transmissions companies or who operate transmission as well as distribution pipelines. In fact, a significant program within the NYSEARCH portfolio, focuses on developing innovative technologies for transmission pipelines owned by Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).

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