NYSEARCH Members Test Valve Position Confirmation Technology at PECO Energy

NYSEARCH Members Test Valve Position Confirmation Technology Field Testing in PECO Customer Territory.

NYSEARCH Members Test Valve Position Confirmation Technology Additional acoustic technology testing at PECO training site.

In NYSEARCH’s project entitled “Critical Valve Operability”, NYSEARCH recently completed a Feasibility Study to examine the equipment and methodology needed to use the sound of gas flow through a valve to confirm the closed or exact position of critical valves in gas distribution systems.

As shown in the illustration, using acoustics and an innovative tool delivery system, field tests were conducted in early March 2016 with operators from PECO Energy and Baltimore Gas & Electric in PECO’s gas customer territory in suburban Philadelphia. NYSEARCH funders of this project have agreed that the field tests proved the concept and highlighted the abilities of combining acoustic and visual methods to distinguish the position of ball, gate and plug valves used in various applications in the gas distribution system. More work is being planned to expand the program to incorporate the feedback received from the users; to ruggedize and make the system more field portable as well as to expand the test program to a wide range of member companies prior to commercialization of the technology.


For over thirty years, NYSEARCH has worked as a consortium of natural gas Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) who have a common interest and need for research and technology development and demonstration. Today, as part of the Northeast Gas Association (NGA), NYSEARCH manages over (30) projects in various stages of development for LDCs, transmission companies, federal agencies and their manufacturing and commercial partners. NYSEARCH is located in Parsippany, NJ and NGA is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts.