NYSEARCH/PHMSA Program on CIPP-Lined Pipe Completes Cast Iron Pipe Extraction

As part of a PHMSA-cofunded effort with NYSEARCH, there are plans to remove aged and cured-in-place lined cast iron or steel pipe for post-mortem testing at Cornell University. The first of two extractions was completed in May at PSEG’s territory of an in-service 6” cast iron pipe that was lined in 1998 with cured-in-place pipe liner. Two extracted sections along with lined joints were removed according to NYSEARCH’s project plan and subsequently shipped to Cornell for testing that is very similar to the extreme testing that they performed on Cured-in-Place lined pipe in the 1990s. The purpose of these tests is to re-visit the material and performance characteristics of cast iron and steel pipe that is lined with the cured-in-place liner/pipe composite after at least (10) years of service. In addition, the NYSEARCH project has prepared information to share with PHMSA and others on prior research and is collaborating with GTI on their related work. Finally, in addition to a second extraction on a larger cast iron or steel pipe, which is planned for this fall, the NYSEARCH / PHMSA program will include a live demonstration of the lining process on a new job in one of the funders’ territories. The overall goal is to enhance the industry and regulatory understanding of the applicability of CIPP-lined pipe and its ability to rehabilitate cast iron or steel infrastructure as an equivalent to pipe replacement.

Shown below is a sample of the aged CIPP-lined pipe that was extracted from PSEG’s Elmwood Park site. The picture on the left shows the effort in the extraction process and one of the segments that was shipped as-is for testing purposes to Cornell.

For more information, please Contact NYSEARCH.