Con Edison and NYSEARCH complete successful
demonstration of Explorer 20/26 and ‘rescue tool’

During the week of October 7, Con Edison and NYSEARCH completed a significant demonstration in the Bronx of the Explorer 20/26 in-line inspection platform and one of the recently-developed supporting technologies known as the ‘rescue tool’. The rescue tool is designed to provide in-line assistance to the inspection robot in case of malfunction or problems with battery supply or wireless communication. The rescue tool was demonstrated at Con Edison’s Van Nest facility. This activity was successful in that the rescue tool operated as expected to pull the main robotic platform, weighing 1,500 lbs, and simulated as stranded, from a 20” pipeline. Shown below is an illustration of the tractor-based tool approaching the Explorer platform for connection and locomotion of the full tool out of the stationary position.

Also, in that week, in the Bronx, EXP 20/26 was used by Con Edison in an inspection of an unpiggable 24” line operating at 200 psig. This operation, addressed a significant segment and despite finding debris in the pipeline, the tool was able to collect the necessary data to complete the inspection.

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