Successful Bioball Demo Takes Place at BG & E

Damage to sewer lines can sometimes occur when gas construction operations, such as directional drilling, are performed in areas where it is believed that there is no surrounding infrastructure. There are occasions where sewer laterals are not accurately located and then a gas line can be driven into a sewer lateral.

Bioball is a patent pending, ball-shaped wire spool used to temporarily insert tracer wire into a sewer lateral. It can be flushed down a toilet or an external sewer lateral cleanout and as it travels to the sewer main with the flow of water, it unwinds a thin, traceable wire in the sewer lateral. The sewer main can then be located from above ground. This is analogous to installing tracer wire adjacent to a PE pipe except that the BioBall deploys inside the sewer lateral, location measurements are recorded and then the wire is extracted.

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